The Dapper Flapper

I try on clothes, take pictures, and put them on the internet for some reason.

About Me

You’re born naked; the rest is drag.


Avast! The name’s Puck.

Welcome to my fashion and costume blog! My general blog is found here:

My art blog:

*I am a multimedia performer and aspiring artist. I have a longstanding interest in theater, particularly in the realm of writing, acting, and costume design. Lately I’ve been trying to combine my background in writing and performance with other media, such as design, film, and photography.

*I identify as non-binary, gender-fluid, and just generally wibbly-wobbly. My preferred pronouns are they/them, ze/hir, and sometimes he/him. She/her when in femme drag is also ok… maybe. Still figuring that one out. 

*Things that inspire me: Drag, Steampunk, Bohemianism, Tim Burton, the 1920s, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, masquerade culture, hippies, punks, flappers, other outlaws, Alexander McQueen, David Tennant, Anthony Andrews, Helena Bonham Carter, Sherlock Holmes, Come Into My Parlour, surrealism, absurdism, tumblr, you perhaps.