The Dapper Flapper

I try on clothes, take pictures, and put them on the internet for some reason.

Black shirt, vest, and hat.
Then the rainbow bow tie again. 
Because rainbow bow ties.
New Years Eve. Apparently I looked like a sassy British school boy. I don’t even know…
I still have this thing for goggles.
-Hat (technically my dad’s, but he doesn’t really use it anymore)
-Tweed Jacket (Garment District, Boston)
-Rainbow Bowtie (Pride & Joy, Northampton)
Sometimes things like this happen. Because drag is fun.
-Top hat
-Pearl Necklace (Forever 21)
-Lace Front Wig (My Diva’s Closet)
I wear lots of tweed.

I wear lots of tweed.

Christmas Eve Outfit:

-Maroon pants (Bob’s)

-Dress Shirt & Tweed Jacket (Garment District, Boston)

-Red bowtie

(c) 2012, L. Puck Fleisher

Eyeliner/eyeshadow experiments.

-Red dress shirt (Forever 21 Men)
-Black bowtie (Century 21)
-Trousers (Garment District- dollar pile!)